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10th Imperial Regiment - The Soul Eaters

Friday, February 17, 2006


The Soul Eaters

The Soul Eaters

In the black of night
Through a starless sky
Under the blood red moon
We fly.

Abandon all hope.
Your time is neigh.
Now like the Furies
We come.

To dine upon your flesh
And feast upon your soul.
Ask us for mercy,
We answer.

Betray us.
Resist us.
Deny us.
We kill.

Throughout the empire
Until the end of time
His will alone
We serve.

No enemy too far
Nor friend so dear
Will stay the sword
We hold.

In oceans of blood,
Our thirst never quenched
Until victory is ours
We fight.

Worlds beyond number,
Time without end,
As the Emperor commands
We obey.

No questions asked.
No reasons given.
In victory or death
We believe.

In the black of night,
No sound do we make.
Upon the Wings of Death
We fly.

Text c2006 All Rights Reserved
Image Hasbro Toys / LFL

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